The Skeptics Annotated Bible – the newest addition to my collection

The Skeptics Annotated Bible

Behold, the newest addition to my collection of bibles (sadly I only own one copy of the Koran). This is the Skeptics Annotated Bible and it’s fairly new to the market (I believe it was originally an internet project and is still available for free online). You might have guessed, but it’s the first Bible published from a nonbeliever’s point of view, carefully noting each verse that falls into one of the following categories: absurdity (2,178 instances), injustice (1,541), cruelty and violence (1,316), intolerance (701), contradictions (462), conflicts with science and history (428), misogyny and insults to women (384), sex (253), false prophecy and misquotes (231), and a few more, including “good stuff” (507).

The translation is the King James Version, which is a bonus because that’s one I didn’t own before. I’ve already thumbed through a bit and it’s great, though lacking detail in terms of historical context – for that I’ve got the ESV study edition along with the NET, which I highly recommend for anyone interested in getting as close as possible to our earliest manuscripts.

Finally, the SAB is beautiful – it’s leather-bound with an easy-to-read font – and looks right at home next to the others:

Bible bookshelf

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  1. SKEPTOCS ANNOTATED BIBLE is actually not the First Bible written fom an Atheist perspective, as others already predated it. For example, William Harwood did a Bible, and, this may sound strange, some modern Bible Translatiosn liek The NIV use Linguists who are actually Atheists. But the Linguists are usually not Dawkins sorts who need to attackthe subject matter. Harwood was, but that only highlights the problem.

    SAB isn’t a wel researched book, and while it gies you the entire Text of the KJV Bible, it generaly relies on you to only look at the Highlights or the sections (goign from the website as I do nto own a hardcopy) that detail the prohems,and ot accept at face value what SAB’s Author, Steven Wells, says they mean.

    Of corus he’s incredibly Biased with a stated mission to find fault int he Bible and often misrepresents the contnt of thebook, so I’d not put much stock into it.

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